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Let's set jekyll theme and make the blog more cool.

jekyll theme

before setting jekyll theme, jekyll have to be installed and a basic project must be created. If you don’t install jekyll or create the project, check the previous blog post jekyll installation.

jekyll has basically theme setting function like wordpress. Here is introducing how to set a theme via how to set the theme to our blog.

Find a theme

Theme installation

There are two ways to install a theme

  1. Install via Gem
  2. Download a theme file

Install via Gem

  1. Edit Gemfile file
gem "jekyll-theme-clean-blog"
  1. Edit _config.yml file
theme: jekyll-theme-clean-blog
  1. Install the theme
bundle install
  1. Check it
bundle exec jekyll serve

If you run jekyll, you can see the new theme blog.

Download a theme file

You can set the theme by installing it via Gem. However we wanted to make it more freely, so we decided to use the way to download theme files.

  1. Go to the theme github page: startbootstrap-clean-blog-jekyll theme

  2. Click Clone or download button for downloading.

  3. Unzip it and copy files to your project.

  4. Check it

bundle exec jekyll serve

If you run jekyll, you can see the new theme blog.

How to use the theme

  1. Install via Gem
  • If you install the theme by Gem, see the detail how to use the theme in the theme site(Clean Blog)
  • Almost themes introduce how to install and use, so if you want to make quickly, use Gem installation.
  1. Download a theme file
  • We set our project by downloading the theme file way to edit it more freely.
  • Check next blog post Directory structure.


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