Code Quality

I will introduce how to use Linters to check the source code style and to prevent the bug by static analysis.

[Code Quality] Stylelint V15

Let's see how to check the style code in the CSS, SCSS, and CSS-in-JS files by using StyleLint V15.
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[Code Quality] Lighthouse CI

Let's see how to execute Lighthouse provided Google Chrome on the local or the CI environment and how to measure automatically the performance of the web page in the CI environment.
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[GitLab] Dependabot

Let's see how to add Dependabot to GitLab for checking automatically the version updating of the libraries in the project.
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[ESLint] eslint-plugin-import

Let's see how to clean up the import part using ESLint's eslint-plugin-import.
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[Code Quality] CSpell

Let's see how to check typo by CSpell.
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[Code Quality] Stylelint V14

Let's see how to install and configure Stylelint to check code style of CSS, SCSS files, and CSS-in-JS.
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[Code Quality] remark-lint

Let's see how to use the remark-lint to make the same style of the Markdown.
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