jekyll installation

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For starting jekyll blog, we need to install jekyll on Mac/Widows and create a basic project.


jekyll can be installed on Mac, Windows, Ubuntu. Here is how to install jekyll only on Mac and Windows, because we mainly use it on Mac and Windows.

There is difference only in Ruby installation between Mac and Windows, other process is same. If you wanna get more info, you can check jekyll homepage.


current blog use the following version.

  • Ruby: ruby 2.5.1p57
  • jekyll: jekyll 3.7.3

Ruby installation

jekyll is one of Ruby Gem, so we need to install Ruby.

Install Ruby on Mac

brew install ruby

Install Ruby on Windows

Check Ruby installed

ruby -v

jekyll Ruby Gem Installation

If you installed Ruby, you can install jekyll Gem by using Ruby.

jekyll Ruby Gem Installation

gem install bundler jekyll

Check jekyll Ruby Gem installed

jekyll -v

Create a basic project by jekyll Gem

Create a project

You can create jekyll project by jekyll new [project name] command

jekyll new

Check the project folder

// cd

|-- _posts
|   |-- 2018-09-08-welcome-to-jekyll.markdown
|-- .gitignore
|-- 404.html
|-- Gemfile
|-- Gemfile.lock

start jekyll

bundle exec jekyll serve

Open a browser and access to

Fix Error

recently, I’ve installed jekyll and set my jekyll blog in the new Mac. however, after installing jekyll, when I installed the plugins with gem install command, I got an error and couldn’t install them. I searched and knew some plugins use Java. after installing Java, I could install successfully. if you got an error when you install the plugins, check Java is installed.


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