RN(React Naitve) Support Tablets

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let's see how to make RN(React Native) project support tablets


we can make the cross platform app by RN(React Native). in other words, we can make the app support not only iPhone, Android phone but also iPad, Android tablet. in this blog, I’ll introduce how to make the app support the tablets.


we don’t need anything to make the app support the tablets. in here, we just see how to check what kind of the devices supported.

click the link below to go to Google Play Console.

after login, click the app that you want to check.

Google Play - Android App Device support list

to click Release management > Device catalog on the left menu, you can see the screen like above. if you see the agreement page, click Agree.

Google Play - Android App Market Info edit

click Store presence > Store listing and add images on TABLET.


we don’t need to add the code. click ios/[project name].xcodeproj or ios/[project name].xcworkspace on RN(React Native) proejct to execute xcode.

xcode universal app configuration

click the project name on left menu and click the project name on TARGETS, too. select Universal on Development Info > Devices.

also, you need to edit the app store info like Android.


now, your app supports smartphone and tablets. it’s simple to make the app support the tablet. also, RN(React Native) uses Flexbox so the app basically support responsive. just, if you use specifi position or specific size, you should consider about the screen size. I use DeviceInfo.isTablet() in react-native-device-info library to support it.

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