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let's see how to change the simulator on iOS when we test RN(react native) on iOS.


We always use below command on RN(react native) development.

npm run ios

It’s not a problem when we develop but when we want to test RN(react native) project on the different device. It always uncomfortable. So I’ll introduce how to change the simulator by command line.

Check iOS simulators

check current iOS simulator we can use.

xcrun simctl list devices

After executing, you can see the list of the simulator like below.

iPhone 8 (066D55DB-AB0A-41D3-84A0-612E68F88063)
iPhone 8 Plus (3AA8DBD0-20FF-4FA4-8745-F63F6A078E6E)
iPhone 11 (DD6577E9-8092-479F-8DE4-0F2D00326574)
iPhone 11 Pro (41166CD6-5270-4919-BE03-272D1835E3E1)
iPhone 11 Pro Max (BE84015E-FC1C-42EA-B708-73258190ED6F)
iPhone SE (2nd generation) (8CEB8C23-1BB7-4B2F-A51F-4C2623F4BCEF)
iPad Pro (9.7-inch) (3495B155-8378-4A8B-817E-D0CAB8A793F0)
iPad (7th generation) (DBF8AFFF-D166-4ACB-8041-59A414FBB8F8)
iPad Pro (11-inch) (2nd generation) (5283A04B-EFE1-41F9-944B-C66EFF1E1498)
iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (4th generation) (DDAD2AAE-3506-4456-9F8F-29BA7DF0B1A3)
iPad Air (3rd generation) (526BEA39-E657-47AF-A7A2-22BA93D81FA1)

Change simulator

Execute the command below to start the simulator you want to you.

npm run ios -- --simulator="iPhone 5s"

The list below is examples of how to change the simulator.

npm run ios -- --simulator="iPhone 5s"
npm run ios -- --simulator="iPhone 6"
npm run ios -- --simulator="iPhone 6 Plus"
npm run ios -- --simulator="iPhone 6s"
npm run ios -- --simulator="iPhone 6s Plus"
npm run ios -- --simulator="iPhone 7"
npm run ios -- --simulator="iPhone 7 Plus"
npm run ios -- --simulator="iPhone 8"
npm run ios -- --simulator="iPhone 8 Plus"
npm run ios -- --simulator="iPhone SE"
npm run ios -- --simulator="iPhone X"
npm run ios -- --simulator="iPhone XR"
npm run ios -- --simulator="iPhone XS"
npm run ios -- --simulator="iPhone Xs Max"
npm run ios -- --simulator="iPad Air"
npm run ios -- --simulator="iPad Air 2"
npm run ios -- --simulator="iPad"
npm run ios -- --simulator="iPad Pro"


We’ve seen how to change the simulator instead of the default simulator on the React Native project. Now, you can test your project on other simulator!

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