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let's see what we need to register iOS App Store.


let’s see how to register the app to iOS App Store. in here, we will introduce what we need minimum information to register the free app to iOS App Store.

this blog post is a series. it’s better to see below together.


below is required to register iOS App Store.

App Store Informations

below list will be shown on App Store.

  1. name(maximum 30 characters)
  2. subtitle(maximum 30 characters)
  3. privacy policy URL
  4. primary language
  5. category x 2
  6. iphone 5.5 inch screenshots
  7. promothion text(maximum 170 characters)
  8. keyword(maximum 100 characters)
  9. description(maximum 4000 characters))
  10. support URL
  11. marketing URL
  12. copyright

it is best difficult to create privacy policy URL. fortunately, we can make privacy policy URL by free generators

click above link and create privacy policy.

App Review Informations

below list is for App Review.

  1. sign-in information
  2. contact information
  3. memo

App Review Guidelines

you already know Apple review is very difficult. we also already to reject 3 times, and still wait App Review. so click below link to see App Review Guidelines for approving your app smoothly.


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