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try to make app icon by using generator-rn-toolbox


generator-rn-toolbox is Deprecated, so this blog post is not managed any more.If you want to make App icon easily, I recommend to use react-native-make that is a new library of generator-rn-toolbox.

If you want to know more, see the blog below.


this blog introduces how to make app icon by using generator-rn-toolbox on Mac osx

prepare app icon image

prepare 1024x1024px size png image for app icon.

install libraries

install reuqired libraries using below code.

npm install -g yo generator-rn-toolbox
  • generator-rn-toolbox: this is tools for support RN projects. if you want to know details, see official site.(official site: generator-rn-toolbox)
  • yo: this is a library for executing generator-rn-toolbox library.

you should install imagemagick for creating app icons.

brew install imagemagick

how to use

  • execute below code for creating app icons.
yo rn-toolbox:assets --icon <path to your icon>

done! app icons were created and applied to the project. let’s check it by executing RN project

# iOS
react-native run-ios

# Android
react-native run-android

if app icons is not applied, remove your app from the simulator or phone and try again.


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