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let's see how to make fast to preview writing post in jekyll.


I use Jekyll to manage this blog. as blog posts became many, it have taken a long time to check new blog post in local. I use Jekyll command below to check the blog post before publishing to the server.

bundle exec jekyll serve

however, as I use many Jekyll plugins and have many posts, it have taken 209.498985 seconds to check new blog post. I think it’s ok to publish new blog post, but it’s waste to take 200 seconds to just check new blog post.


there are many solution, I guess. I use Jekyll settings below to make the build speed up.

first, copied _config.yml to _config-dev.yml and add codes below to it.

# I use Multi-language plugin so I set 3, but normally set 1.
limit_posts: 3

and then, I execute Jekyll command below to check a new blog post.

bundle exec jekyll serve --config _cong-dev.yml

this code can make only one blog post is built. after this configuration, I was waiting 74.639 seconds to check a new blog post. and minify plugin which is one of Jekyll plugins what I use takes a long time, so I set not to minify.

  remove_spaces_inside_tags: false
  remove_multi_spaces: false
  remove_comments: false
  compress_css: false
  compress_javascript: false
  compress_json: false

after it, the build takes 50.668 seconds. it’s 20 seconds faster than before.


the settings I mentioned above reduced 200 sec to 50 sec (1/4). however I think it takes a long time and it’s big issue in Jekyll blog.

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