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create git repository for using git. git repository is the storage to manage source code version.


we already installed git so let’s use git for managing source code. we introduce how to create git repository for managing source code by git at here. git repository is the storage where source code changing hisotries store

Create project folder

we use terminal for Mac, and cmd for Windows. create the folder for using git.

mkdir temp_test_git

Create git repository

create git repository for using git in the project folder.

cd temp_test_git


execute above command, you can see git command list.

git clone init

you can see clone and init command in git command list.

  • init: create new git repository.
  • clone: clone(copy) new repository from existing git repository.

git init

if you start new project, you can make new git repository with init command.

git init

Also, we can connect the remote repository to the local repository like the below.

git remote add origin

git clone

if you have existing project(Opensource or project already managed by git), you can clone(copy) the repository from remote repository.

we introduce how to clone(copy) git project using our blog git repository.

click the above link to go to the our git repository in github.

git clone blog

click Clone or download button on right side and copy the url of the git repository.

 git clone

execute the above command to clone our git repository to your local pc. we serve our blog by using jekyll and github page. if you are interested about how to make a blog with jekyll and github, please check our another blog series(jekyll blog).

Check git repository created

execute the below command for checking git repository created.

# Mac
ls -al

# Windows
dir /ah

if you can see .git folder in folder list, you are succeed to create git repository. .git folder stores informations about source code edit histories when you use git to manage them. if you delete .git folder, you delete also all histories and git repository so please be careful not to delete it.

Configure user

add user to new git repository for managing source code version. we can recognize who edit source code if git user is set.

# git config --global [user name]
git config --global dev.yakuza

# git config --global [user email]
git config --global [email protected]

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