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The learning in school and the learning in society where we will live in the future are different.

We grew up taking classes at school. In a class, one teacher teaches several students. Since one teacher teaches, the class naturally proceeds from one perspective, and students accept it without any doubt.

However, there is not only one perspective in the world, and there are various solutions and perspectives for the same event or problem. In this educational environment, we grow without realizing this. We are used to this kind of learning.

When we go out into society, we still learn something. We learn new tasks, human relationships, and ways to solve problems. Learning in society is different from learning in school in the following ways.

Learning in SchoolLearning in Society
Learning is mostly individual.Learning is mostly cooperative.
Learning is mostly sequential.Learning is mostly non-sequential.
Learning materials are limited.Learning materials are not limited.
There is an evaluation called a test.There is no clear evaluation of learning.
Most of the time, there is a correct answer.Most of the time, there is no correct answer.
There are clear goals such as entering college and getting a job.Most of the time, the goal is unclear and changes.

Learning in school has clear goals and things to do. However, learning in society is often uncertain, and many people do not know what to do.

Generally, learning is more important in uncertain situations than in certain situations. In uncertain situations, learning helps to understand the current situation and determine the direction to move forward, thereby reducing uncertainty even a little. In this fast-paced era of technological advancement, many things are uncertain. We must value learning. Here, learning does not mean learning in school but learning in society. Since we are familiar with learning in school, we must first learn about learning in society.

In the world, there are various people, and various opinions and information coexist. We must cultivate the power to think and learn for ourselves in various opinions and information.

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