[Essay] Illusion of Master

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There is no master in this world who will make me a master.

We grow up absorbing knowledge from a teacher called a master from an early age. As a result, we come out into society accustomed to learning something from a master. And in society, we also come to think that there will be a master.

The reason why we tend to unquestionably follow what is said by bosses or superiors who we perceive as masters in the company is precisely because of this. There are even cases where we follow irrational and incorrect orders from those we consider masters.

We often hear stories like the following from movies or novels.

A weak protagonist meets a master in a special place. The protagonist follows the master’s instructions in isolation for several years. Several years later, the protagonist also becomes a master and comes out into the world.

Such stories make us have an illusion about the master. We come to believe that if we follow the master, we will also become a master.

However, there is no right answer in this world, and there is no master. Furthermore, there is no master who will make me a master. We must realize this quickly and discard the illusion about the master in order to truly grow.

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